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How to Play the Money Wheel?

The Money Wheel draw occurs every 4 minutes. Unlike with regular online casino roulette, the Money Wheel draw happens at the same time and results are the same for everyone participating or watching.

Money Wheel is a lottery game with a Roulette theme. Players may place a Money Wheel wager on any number between 1 to 36, ‘0’ or ‘00’. If the number selected during the draw is from 1 to 36, the prize payout will be TND260 for every TND10 wagered. If 0 is selected during the draw, the prize payout will be TND270 for every TND10 wagered. If 00 is selected during the draw the prize payout will be TND280 for every TND10 wagered.

Outcome Win (x the Regular Bet)
Straight up 1-36 2600%
Straight up 0 2700%
Straight up 00 2800%
Odd/Even  150%
Color 150%
Low/Hi 150%
Dozen 200%
Column 200%
Row 900%

The Bonus Ball

Apart from placing a regular wager in the Money Wheel, you can also choose to participate in the Bonus Ball Draw, by doubling your wager. If you win your regular wager and then the gold bonus ball drops, you will get additional win from bonus ball. If the gold bonus ball does not drop, you still will keep your win from regular wager. Look below for bets and outcomes examples.

Outcome Win (x the Bonus Ball Bet)
Straight up 1-36 7000%
Straight up 0 7800%
Straight up 00 8100%
Odd/Even  400%
Color 400%
Low/Hi 400%
Dozen 600%
Column 600%
Row 2400%

Example Bets and Outcomes

  • You bet TND10 on number 25 and add bonus ball (total bet becomes TND20). Number 25 drops and you collect your TND260 win. Then bonus ball drops and you collect additional TND700 win, which results in total win TND960.
  • You bet TND1 on number 11 and add bonus ball (total bet becomes TND2). Number 11 drops and you collect your TND26 win. Bonus ball does not drop. However, you still collect your TND26 win.
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