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Chess Round Slot (BetConstruct) slot (BetConstruct)

Chess Round Slot (BetConstruct) slot (BetConstruct)

4/5 (434)
Take on an intellectual challenge like none you’ve seen before in Chess Round, the online video slot from BetConstruct.

Play chess but with a contemporary twist as you battle your opponent for the ultimate victory as you play on the reels for cash. But will you end up in checkmate?

Some slot titles only nod towards their chosen theme leaving players feeling cheated and a little dissatisfied with their overall experience but that’s certainly not the case here. Despite being first and foremost an online slot, it bears a very close resemblance to a real-life game of chess and knowing the rules will be a distinct advantage!

From the moment the Chess Round loads, you’ll be struck by the graphics as you’ll be instantly faced with a large chess board filled with pieces. And when you’re ready to take your turn, you won’t find the reels spinning round. Instead, each of the squares will bob up and down, moving vertically on an individual basis rather than whirling around like a traditional reel. This adds to the perception that you’re playing on a reel chess board – spinning would make the pieces fall off!

Try out Chess Round from BetConstruct and you will be blown away by the coolness of this game! 
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Chess Round Slot (BetConstruct) slot (BetConstruct)

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